Today Usher announced his brand new fall headlining tour, the UR Experience. The North American stint is scheduled to commence on November 2nd in Montreal, Canada, and conclude December 4th in Tampa, Florida. Opening acts will include R&B newcomer August Alsina and DJ Cassidy, a great look for all artists. You might say how is having these two acts a great look for Usher. And I’ll answer with this: I bet you didn’t see that coming.

One of the ways to generate hype for a tour is for artists to try something new and/or unexpected. This is Usher’s first headlining tour in 3 years, so of course this is major news for his fans. He will have no trouble selling tickets, which are available starting September 8th. Of course credit card holders, in this American Express card owners will have access the tickets before the general public. From the looks of his tour promo video, and even his recent video and performances, Usher is in much better shape. His moves are far from his prime, but the improvement is noticeable. Check out the complete list of dates for the UR Experience tour, the promo video, and Usher’s latest single featuring Nicki Minaj, “She Came to Give it to You.”

Nov. 1 Montreal, QC Bell Centre
Nov. 2 Toronto, ON Air Canada Centre
Nov. 4 Detroit, MI The Palace of Auburn Hills
Nov. 5 Cleveland, OH Quicken Loans Arena
Nov. 7 New York, NY Madison Square Garden
Nov. 10 Washington DC Verizon Center
Nov. 11 Philadelphia, PA Wells Fargo Center
Nov. 13 Boston, MA TD Garden
Nov. 14 Uncasville, CT Mohegan Sun
Nov. 15 Atlantic City, NJ Boardwalk Hall
Nov. 17 Chicago, IL United Center
Nov. 18 St. Paul, MN Xcel Energy Center
Nov. 21 Los Angeles, CA Staples Center
Nov. 22 Las Vegas, NV MGM Grand Garden Arena
Nov. 24 San Jose, CA SAP Center at San Jose
Nov. 26 Seattle, WA Key Arena
Nov. 27 Vancouver, BC Rogers Arena
Nov. 30 Edmonton, AB Rexall Place

Dec. 2 Broomfield, CO 1STBANK Center
Dec. 4 Dallas, TX American Airlines Center
Dec. 5 Houston, TX Toyota Center
Dec. 6 New Orleans, LA Smoothie King Center
Dec. 8 Memphis, TN FedExForum
Dec. 9 Atlanta, GA Philips Arena
Dec. 12 Orlando, FL Amway Center
Dec. 13 Miami, FL American Airlines Arena
Dec. 14 Tampa, FL Tampa Bay Times Forum


There’s a good chance you know of Ariana Grande, whether it’s because you watched Victorious or had someone in the family who did, you pay attention to pop culture and music (duh), you’ve heard the Mariah Carey comparisons, you identify her as the young looking girl with the ponytail, you read Yousicworld, or perhaps because of her brother, Frankie Grande, who is currently on Big Brother. The long running CBS summer reality show features F.Grande this season, who’s been competing with several other house guests for $500,000. The Grande brother entered the Big Brother house with secured support from many of his sister’s fans, or Arianators, who along with millions of other viewers, get to watch him three times a week (and beyond that if they have a subscription of the daily live feeds.)

Despite his vibrant personality, in recent weeks, the program has also captured a less welcoming side of F.Grande. In what seemed like a great idea because of the exposure that Big Brother gives both of the Grande siblings, is F.Grande’s portrayal likely to affect his sister’s fame?

Based on his Broadway background, an old audition tape for Survivor, and the fact that he is a YouTube personality, it isn’t hard to gather that F.Grande likes the spotlight. Reality shows are great ways to boost notoriety, especially when they are broadcast television (non-cable) like Big Brother. The series centers around a group of 10+ people living in a Californian large house for about 3 months while being monitored by cameras and microphones. Traditionally dubbed ‘house guests,’ the contestants participate in challenges as they try to avoid the weekly evictions. Alliances are always formed in the Big Brother house. Besides the Detonators and the fan voted Team America, F.Grande was formerly aligned as a duo with the controversially evicted Zach Rance. The ‘showmance’ pairing was called Zankie, which trended quite often on Twitter, and had its own fans. It was F.Grande conspiring to send Rance home that bothered viewers, mainly the Zankie supporters. Even those who didn’t care for Rance found it odd that F.Grande would pull such a move.

Besides the shocking ‘betrayal,’ the stage performer was also accused by more than one housemate, of being “sneaky” and “untrustworthy.” F.Grande’s reception from BB fans, at large, has not been very positive, whether it’s because of the aforementioned stints, rude comments (both on the aired episodes and live feeds) or because of how much he praises his famous sister. The latter addresses why the program has not only been beneficial, exposure wise, for F.Grande, but A.Grande too (a whole new audience has been introduced to her.)

He might not always appear so likable on the show. And honestly, it does sometimes leave you to wonder if his family is the same way, mainly A.Grande. But it’s important to keep in mind that this is just a show. Majority of us viewers don’t know F.Grande personally, and how much peace is involved in competition anyway, especially on a show like Big Brother? And do I need to point out the obvious: that although these are siblings, that does not mean their personalities are the same? If you are a true fan of Ms. Grande and/or you like her music, her brother’s televised behavior will not make a difference.

F.Grande’s intent for the cash prize if he wins, is to continue his charity work with buildOn, a nonprofit organization that facilitates after school programs and builds schools in developing countries. Something he’s confided in the other contestants. He also recently shared that he is indeed the sibling of a star, something his housemates are charmed by, regardless of the drama in the house.


It is mandatory that as a music blog, we acknowledge Michael Jackson who would have turned 56 on his birthday yesterday. It is still hard and painful to fathom that he is gone. It is also important that we continue to honor his legacy because he doesn’t get as much mainstream attention anymore. Michael Jackson was a true artist in every essence of the word. He was a living legend by the time he was a teenager, thanks to having been in the Jackson 5. It was that foundation that raised his career to even higher heights, becoming a soloist and being lauded among the top forces in music and show business of all time. Jackson has so many hits, and those don’t even compare to the songs that weren’t released as singles. In honor of his birthday, check out YousicWorld‘s MJ picks below!


Chris Brown‘s new single “X” has received favorable feedback, possibly because it is the anthem to everyone trying to move on from their ex. Yes, Brown chose a clever title for the track. Regardless of who the “Run It” singer is crooning to (if it is even dedicated to someone in particular), it is a song many can relate to.

Often, people find themselves reminiscing on certain aspects of a relationship, which distorts the view of the former flame. Sure, some people do breakup and then they realize they are better together. But as the old fashioned saying goes: An ex is an ex for a reason and this holds true for many. Brown’s conviction in “X” is punctuated in the chorus when he aggressively sings “I swear to God I’m moving on.” This song is a solid motivation to move on from an ex, to fight any insecurities about feeling like you need that person, just because you might miss them. “X” is the new single off of Brown’s forthcoming X album. Check out “X” below!


Ladies, get ready because Chris Brown and Trey Songz have announced a tour. The two urban heartthrobs used Twitter, a common platform utilized when artists tweet each other about hitting the road together. It’s a move that can be seen as spontaneous, but of course Brown and Songz must have discussed headlining a tour prior to their recent tweets.

Usually, by the time something hits the general public, it’s already old news. Regardless, this news is very exciting because both Brown and Songz have a very similar fanbase, so fans getting the chance to see them perform in a single setting, makes it super eventful. This is obviously a very smart business move and hopefully the tour will succeed (no drama, no scandals, just positive memorable performances.)

Back last month, YousicWorld wrote an article questioning if Brown, Songz and R&B newcomer August Alsina would make a dream tour after their collaborative performance at this year’s BET Awards. If they really want this tour to be a smash, snagging Alsina as one of the opening acts would be a clever move. Another honorable mention would be Adrian Marcel. Who would you like to see open up for Brown and Songz? Did you foresee this tour coming? Post your thoughts and check out Brown’s new video “New Flame” (produced by Count Justice) feat. Usher and Rick Ross, and Songz’s “Touchin, Lovin” (produced by The Featherstones) feat. Nicki Minaj below!


eTBuKRQIt finally happened: a Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj collaboration. As I type, social media and the blogosphere is in a frenzy over the remixed version of Beyoncé’s “Flawless” track, from her self-titled album. You know, the shock release that dominated the Internet and iTunes just late last year?

In case you’re wondering, this is a legitimate collaboration, not one in which Minaj recorded her bars over the original (Beyoncé’s verse is different and she says Minaj’s name.) It’s clear that Bey wanted another late night surprise release, and speaking of surprises, she references the elevator-gate: No, we escalate up in this bitch like elevators. Of course some times shit goes down when it’s a billion dollars on the elevator.

And Minaj boldly mentions Michael Jackson: Like MJ doctor, they killin’ me. Propofol. I know they hope I fall.

Musically, “Flawless” is not among the best on the Beyoncé album, but its message of self-empowerment easily makes it an anthem; its lyrics “I woke up like this” has even become a catchphrase. Beyoncé teaming up with Minaj is a strategic idea for both women. Their association alone is enough to earn applause and respect. And it’s undeniable that both women delivered on the track.

With all the hype surrounding this remix, there almost HAS to be a visual. The feat would definitely overwhelm the fans. But in general, this would be a major move in music, something the industry needs. Do you like the “Flawless” remix? Would you like to hear Beyoncé and Minaj on an original collaboration? Post any thoughts you have and check out the “Flawless” remix below! You can also have a listen on


In the new Rolling Stone issue, Katy Perry expresses her confusion about the worshiping between entertainers and their fans. “Some people are so dramatic about it and you’re like, ‘Honestly, you’re not the Second Coming. You’re just an entertainer!’ I’m very grateful for fans’ support, but I’m not thirsty or desperate,” she told the magazine. Of course Perry discusses other topics as well in the interview, but this particular Perry sentiment gives an interesting take because honestly, how often do we hear that it’s the entertainers who are obsessed with their fans? It’s usually the other way around. Now, whether her statement is an exaggeration YousicWorld has plenty to say on the matter.

Once upon a time, back when MTV actually lived up to its initials, and had shows like TRL, the fandom sphere was on clear display. Everyday, TRL was packed with screaming fans both inside and outside of the studio down in New York City’s Time Square. With the exception of BET‘s 106 and Park and Revolt‘s live show (Diddy’s network), there are no longer any weekly live-countdown programs where fans can “hangout” with the hottest stars. But as we can see, this hasn’t stifled the fandom culture. With Twitter and Facebook providing instant and constant access to your favorite artists, and artists using these platforms as promotional tools (urging fans to trend their new single and/or album, and to purchase via iTunes), social media has revolutionized the fan experience.

Fanbases even have names now: Monsters, Barbs, Beliebers, the Navy, the Beyhive and the KatyCats, are among many of these groups, who proudly identify themselves. Perry’s point about her and her peers not being the Second Coming is definitely a valid point, but here’s the thing: A lot of these fans act as if their idols are the Second Coming. They will resort to severe name-calling and even violence to anyone who is indifferent or against their idol. If they hear that another celebrity has spoken negatively or hated on and about their idol, they resort to Twitter in droves to essentially ether the culprit; and in many cases, a lot of these groups like to attack each other and their respective fave. Then there are the non-vicious acts, in which they will buy 10 copies of the artist’s new album or any merchandise, camp out and stand in line overnight for a purchase or a mere sighting, and/or tattoo his/her name or face on their body. It would be best to categorize these individuals as Stans (Eminem’s famous self-titled song about an obsessed and delusional fan.)

When these entertainers realize the devotion that their supporters have for them, especially on a regular basis, they have no choice but to express gratitude. Maybe that’s where the whole “I would die for my fans” comes from. The appreciation could also stem from the fact that many of these artists view their fans as motivation. Nicki Minaj, for instance, is one of the many performers who has said on several occasions that it’s her Barbs who push her to continue in the music industry. In addition to a means for income, one can also see how this would be true given all the things that come with fame and the industry.

In any case, at least Perry is being honest about the magnitude in which she appreciates her fans; she’s grateful for their support, but that is as far as it goes. Why does she feel this way? Probably because she doesn’t actually know these people personally. It’s vice versa for the fans. This is probably how a majority of these entertainers feel, albeit, they might not be vocal about it. There’s nothing wrong with glorifying and respecting an artist and his/her work. There’s not even anything wrong with defending them when you see fit. But, do you really want your purpose in life to be a (insert fan group name here)? Check out Perry’s new single “This Is How We Do” below!



It’s no surprise that Justin Bieber dominated Twitter’s trending topics last night, although this occasion saw it for a worthwhile cause. The superstar delivered 11 teasers of new music via his Instagram account. Despite his sensationalized troubles, Bieber and his camp have made it known that he’s been steadily recording and working with various producers and other artists.

From the sounds of things, fans and listeners can expect the “Confident” singer to continue with contemporary R&B, as well as maintaining and experimenting with pop on this forthcoming album. His last release Journals was critically acclaimed and has even been deemed his best work to date. Do you think Bieber will be able to top Journals or any of his previous albums? Post any thoughts and check out the snippets below!


A4OLewoCAAAZI7j Former Def Jam artist Khalil released a new track from his EP, A Long Story Short. “Had Enough” is one of those interludes that you wish was a full track. Its production and bluesy vocals provide the contemporary R&B sound that has seemingly regressed in commercialization.

Notice I didn’t say in popularity. There are many who miss this genre, although said genre has become marginalized. But that’s another article. You probably recognize Khalil as one of Justin Bieber’s close friends, and/or perhaps from his singles “Girlfriend Ringtone” (2010) and the popular “Hey Lil Mama” (2011). He also appeared on BET‘s 106 & Park many times.

The singer and rapper is signed with World Wide Entertainment, a record label founded by Kevin Wales, with a roster of veteran R&B stars like 112, Jagged Edge, Monica and Faith Evans to name a few. Khalil has the talent, good material, as well as commercial material. However, as we all know, these factors aren’t always enough to advance big-time. But Khalil is clearly persistent. He has no trouble gaining musical exposure on social media, and if he continues to release quality tracks like “Had Enough,” he can’t really lose. When one tirelessly puts out quality material, the future is bound to be promising. Check out “Had Enough” below!



In a recent statement, Mariah Carey thanks her fans for their support and says she is excited to soon hit the road. Over a week ago, there was mention of a new single to be released from Me. I am Mariah…The Elusive Chanteuse, in which Carey protested the controversial cover art for “You Don’t Know What To Do.” And then that quickly dashed under the radar, but given this statement issued on the songstress’s website, the Elusive Chanteuse era is not to be forgotten.

Although the album might have tanked, and despite the irony, Carey has a huge fanbase. Anytime she makes a public appearance of any kind, she has no trouble garnering attention. Her name still holds recognition, and lambs will attend her concert in a heartbeat. What’s special about tours is that the set list is not limited to one album of an established artist.

During an Elusive Chanteuse concert series, Carey would sing past hits as well—and that alone is enough to sell many tickets. I do think, however, that this tour should have strategic marketing, to create hype. That way it could attract other audiences, and even reiterate the momentum for the lambs. What could Carey do to implement buzz for a forthcoming tour? Intimate venues for an artist of the blond diva’s caliber would be far from typical. It would be an excellent way for Carey to exhibit her already personable connection with her audience. As more ideas come to me, I will definitely be blogging about it. Check out a YousicWorld selection below of a song we’d love to see MC sing live!